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Color Management

Create your color management profiles with a Spyder2 hardware.

You will need Argyll to create your own profiles and dispwin to enable your ICC profiles on your X11 desktop. Gnome-Color-Manager could also be a great "clickable" alternative to set-up your Color-Management Chain.

Sources :

Dual Screen Configuration

Manage your Dual Screen and ICC profiles with Linux or "The Return of NVidia free / proprietary Drivers Battle".

NVidia proprietary driver doesn't handles dual screen properly : the 2 screens are configured like if there was only one.

So Colour Management softwares (like Gnome-Color-Manager) can't apply differents profiles on each screen.

Your choices are also :

  • install free "nv" driver and loose proprietary 3D support
  • install free "nouveau" driver and loose proprietary 3D support
  • keep proprietary driver, 3D support but forget custom screen ICC display profiling. ICC profiling can be performed by your apps : GIMP, RawTherapee, Bibble and others do it... but don't forget to load your profile !

Install & configure Spyder 2

Download and install Spyder 2 firmware spyd2PLD.bin

Here is mine (for Spyder2) : spyd2PLD.bin.gz

gunzip spyd2PLD.bin.gz && sudo cp spyd2PLD.bin /var/lib/argyll/ && sudo chmod 644 /var/lib/argyll/spyd2PLD.bin

Download and install dispcalGUI.

sudo aptitude install python-numpy python-wxgtk2.8 && sudo dpkg -i dispcalgui_0.6.7.7_i386.deb


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